order tracking

  1. D

    Aftership Custom Tracking Link Into Order Notification Email

    Under Alidropship Woo Settings page, I am allow to choose 17Track, Aftership and Cainiao under "Select tracking service that will be linked to tracking IDs.". However, I would like to use my own custom aftership link example mydomain.aftership.com instead of the general track.aftership.com. The...
  2. C

    Completed Email Notification Automatically Sent?

    Hello Alidropship WOO devs: I'm a little confused, I have several orders (20) on my store, all of them were placed using the "Place Order Automatically", everything worked fine. The weird ocurred after 2 days, 1 of those order generates a note automatically with this text "Completed Email...
  3. P

    Auto check delivery status with 17track? #pluginsearch

    Hey guys As we are using 17track for our tracking, does anyone know a plugin which checks on a daily basis if any order is delivered? Could be a daily cron or whatever - would be nice to have an automatically updating "delivered" order status, aswell as an "your order was delivered" mail...
  4. A


    Hi, first person have make payment to stripe, end i place an automatic order. But the status doesn't change to ordered automatic when i pay to ali. Second, i have to do manual, and when i put to shipped and the same time i was login in ali, doesn't catch the tracking number. I have to put...
  5. Wei Jian

    Problem with Order Tracking Services (Cannot Track Aliexpress Items)

    I've just done a dropship demo on my site to check out the workflow with Alidropship Woo. The purchased item is one that uses Aliexpress Standard Shipping (with tracking number available). The item was shipped out today from a warehouse in China. But the problem is, it cannot be tracked by...