order placement

  1. the_lyall

    How to add AliExpress order number and tracking number columns to All Orders view

    I was having difficulty keeping track of which orders I’d already placed on AliExpress and which ones had order lines that still needed shipping, without going into the order details. Therefore I added the below columns so I have an ‘at a glance’ view. This is the most useful thing I’ve added...
  2. A


    Hi, first person have make payment to stripe, end i place an automatic order. But the status doesn't change to ordered automatic when i pay to ali. Second, i have to do manual, and when i put to shipped and the same time i was login in ali, doesn't catch the tracking number. I have to put...
  3. D

    "Place Order Automatically"

    Hi I have just launched my store and have received my first order. I have setup to "place order automatically".. How do I check if the order to aliexpress has actually been place ? And to check the status of the order Thanks in advance