order number

  1. mduncanvm

    Not fetching infos for customer order from aliexpress

    I have just noticed this the last couple of days: 1) Placing the order automatically it does not fetch the Order number 2) Even with the order number manually added it does not fetch the tracking number. All of this used to work perfectly before. Let me know if I can provide more info or if...
  2. G

    Order number doesn't update after automatically placing order on Aliexpress

    Hi everyone, did someone encounter the issue when placing an order automatically, after ordering the products from Aliexpress the order number didn't update at the Admin. As you can see in the screenshot, it's saying "Aliexpress Order #: Not available yet"
  3. Mar

    Number of products shown in Davinci theme category, and changing order default order number.

    Guys, I want my website live now, but since there are not much products yet, (importing products is slow) I want to temporarily hide the number of products shown in each category, is there a way to hide it in Davinci theme? Also, is there a way to set the order number so that it will start in...
  4. deetemple

    Order Summary after successful Payment in Checkout

    I just updated AliDropship to Version 0.9.6. When a customer proceeds through Checkout and successfully makes payment, an email is sent with a summary of items purchased. In the 3rd column of the Summary the app is repeating the same Product Details (image) from the 1st product. Is there a...