order fulfillment

  1. Cesar Araujo

    Fulfill Order Automatically not working

    Hello. When i try to Fulfill Order Automatically, it stops when "adding a product". does not move forward. Can someone help me? Thank You
  2. K

    Can we bulk order fulfill orders in alidropship ?

    Hi Can we bulk order fulfill like in the other dropshipping plugins or it has to be done one by one in alidropship ? thanks
  3. P

    Aliexpress does not sync with Oberlo.

    Hi, Please i need help with fulfilling an order. Each time i try to fulfil an order with from Oberlo to Aliexpress, it just gets stuck at “filling shipping information”. I don’t know what is wrong and cannot proceed. i am still using just PayPal as a mode of payment. thanks
  4. the_lyall

    How to add AliExpress order number and tracking number columns to All Orders view

    I was having difficulty keeping track of which orders I’d already placed on AliExpress and which ones had order lines that still needed shipping, without going into the order details. Therefore I added the below columns so I have an ‘at a glance’ view. This is the most useful thing I’ve added...
  5. R

    Missing phone number causes a bug

    So I'm using Alidropship Woo plugin, and I discovered that if you don't put a default phone number in your own settings AND if the customer doesn't input a phone number, then if you click "Place order automatically", the product gets correctly added to your cart in Aliexpress, and on the next...
  6. M

    How to: Automatically mark orders as Processed & Shipped?

    My question concerns how to process an order correctly. More specifically, in the Aliedropship tutorial video, https://help.alidropship.com/en/articles/2236918-processing-orders, I see that there should be an option to: Mark orders as processed (after you placed order on Aliexpress the status...
  7. ty_rust

    "Variation not found" when trying to process order and can't order manually

    I am using Alidropship-Woo plugin and when I try to process the order automatically, it says "variation not found". When I try to process the order manually at aliexpress.com product page, it doesn't let me select the color variation at all. Now I'm not sure how to process any order.
  8. S

    Fulfill Order Loading forever!

    hello, with the latest release I try to fulfill an order and the airplanes took forever! It looks like it fill all the necessary fields with the order message BUT after that the airplanes keep loading. I cant pay for any order!
  9. A

    Help orders

    Hi, have dont some ads to one item. I See they try to buy to times but was cancelled. Why? I See lots of customers try to buy but someting is happen. Can help on this? I have every thing correctly?
  10. S

    Autofill Order USA Failed

    There was a few orders with failed autofill for USA. Please see screenshots.
  11. Agus Halim

    Automatic Order Fulfillment for multiple customer

    Hi I'm new using this plugins. i'm using alidropship woocommerce version currently i have questions regarding Automatic Order Fulfillment process i saw the video at regarding auto fulfillment process for 1 customer. is it workable for multiple customer as well by using single click only? or...
  12. S

    Shipping Address Change to previous buyer after change in shipping method or quantity

    Hi, I make many orders every day and in some orders I experience some problem with the shipping address of the client. Specifically I make the autocomplete order and the details of the customer are autofill fine. BUT when I change the shipping method or quantity of the order, the page refresh...
  13. S

    Failed AutoFulfill Order - England UK

    he every week I have many orders from England. Every time I need to fill the State and choose ENGLAND. Also in the field of City the options are for State! And the City I write it manual in the Address. Please see screenshot.
  14. D

    "Place Order Automatically"

    Hi I have just launched my store and have received my first order. I have setup to "place order automatically".. How do I check if the order to aliexpress has actually been place ? And to check the status of the order Thanks in advance