1. Sadoun

    Display on Mobile devices not clear and slow loading

    Hi.... We've just finished implementing a transition into a DaVinci 2.0 for Woo theme. Issue #1 The display of the website on a PC or Laptop is great. However on an Android mobile smartphone the preview is looking like this: Android: Same page on iPhone: Issue #2- On both mobile (Android...
  2. Sadoun

    Front Page and Mobile product display

    Hi, I have recently installed the DaVinci 2.0 for Woo. Thank you by the way for such a wonderful theme. Your team did an amazing job. I appreciate it. I am having small problem with setting up the Front Page. My website;s Front (home) page is not showing any of features available...
  3. D


    Domein te koop. Deze mobiel is in opkomst in de wereld.
  4. Wei Jian

    Davinci Theme Block Queries and Suggestions

    Hi Alidropship! I have a few queries and suggestions regarding Davinci Theme. 1. As seen in the screenshot attachment, I noticed that those those blocks on the right are not shown on mobile. As most of our traffic will be from mobile, I am concerned that such omission of information from our...
  5. mushrukh

    Mobile App for Alidropship

    Hi Can any one help me with converting my alidropship website into Android / ios mobile app Any service or method?
  6. K

    Order not captured on postback from Paypal (Mobile only)

    on PC everything works as it should, but on mobile, for some reason when paypal authorizes the payment, the user is redirected back to the site with the following example parameters in the url: but...