1. M

    Rubens Theme: Menu Issue

    After a lot of troubleshooting, I hope someone can help with this. I’m using the Rubens theme. The navigation menu items that I selected do not display across the top of the home page when viewing on the desktop. They only show if you click the icon on the left (three stacked lines). How can...
  2. Johnny Hook

    El Greco Menu in 2 Columns Adjustment

    Hello. About menu from El Greco Theme (Alidropship Original) I have have less of skills to break up Women & Men in 2 different columns. If I leave as they are, they are looking like this - So if I want to order Men Clothing...
  3. Sockis

    Menu categories not showing when hovering cursor on them

    Hi! The categories used to appear on my website's main menu when hovering on "Products". I'm not sure when it stopped showing my product categories... I tried already updating plugins and the theme and checking that the sub categories really are dragged under the categories in menu options...
  4. Christopher Monk

    Menu Catagory Count Removal??

    Hi I was wondering if there's a way to remove the item count shown next to the category name in the menu?