1. LinasK`


    Selling with Alidropship license activated. Built myself but never advertised or drove real traffic to it, have no time for dropshipping anymore. All products and descriptions done editing, just need to import some reviews and that's it. Social accounts: Facebook...
  2. stunomatic

    copyright distribution licenses

    Dear All, My payment provider asking for copyright distribution rights for anime products, what should I reply as I don't have any rights to resell them. " " Please send us the copyright distribution licenses for the items you are selling on your website. We see that you are selling many...
  3. webeye


    For sale: Alidropship and SocialRabbit(lifetime) license in one buy. 90 Euro.
  4. S

    Word Press

    Hi. I have just bought the AliDropship Plug and Hosting on AliDropship. Where do I go from here? Videos will not play. Do I need to have a certain type of account on Word Press to try and make a site using the AliDropshipping Plug?
  5. LinasK`

    Merchandise Store (19k+ Real IG Followers)

    Website successfully sold! This post was removed due to request of the new owner. Thanks to everyone! :)
  6. T

    Invalid activation code?

    I just installed the plugin but it keeps saying my license key is invalid. This is so FRUSTRATING. I'm using hostgator so Zend and ion cube are installed already.
  7. Herwig De Leeuw

    plugin and subdomain

    Can i use the same licence for my domain ( and subdomain(s)? I want to create more subdomains by specificity ex / / etc
  8. J

    Social Rabbit for Life Time License

    Hello, I plan to buy dropship plugin again for my second store. Last time i didn't buy social rabbit.. but today when i plan to purchase it with dropship plugin, i can't find an option to buy it. I found social rabbit link from Alidropship blog and got weird option prices.. $ 19 / month $ 189...
  9. Flintstone

    "License code is valid. Please go to Dashboard"... really?

    When I try to activate my plugin I get: "License code is valid. Please go to Dashboard" I am not in a subdirectory... the URL for activation is: Where is my domain name.
  10. Randell Browning

    "Wrong Site" error message

    Hi, I recently purchased the Dropship plugin for my website but when I put in the license key I get a error saying "wrong website". I don't know why I am getting this error when I try to activate the license for the first time, can I some assistance to this error?