license key

  1. W

    How can I find my ali dropshipping license?

    Hi, I haven't visited the Alidropship website for quite a long time. How can I get my license keys?
  2. indrayoto

    Nowhere in the license page to put license

    Hello, I have the same issue as problem in the forum below : The screenshot is like shown below. There is no place to put the license key. Anybody has the same issue? How to solve this problem?
  3. serendipity


    Hi, I purchased the alidropship plug in a few days ago. I downloaded it and it was working well. My webhost allowed me to use one domain and they erased one of my domains. The domain they erased has my alidropship license key. I made a new domain and the license will not work. I emailed but...
  4. Borisros

    Lifetime License Social Rabbit transfer on new Website

    Hi, I have changed my domain and transferred Wordpress site to new hosting, and I have a problem activating Social Rabbit license after I delete Social rabbit plugin on first domain. And one more thing I've tried to update the plugin with my license, and it says that there is no such license...
  5. A

    Store for sale

    Hello guys, I want to sell my store niche bags and trips - Domain name. - Registered On: 2017-09-05. - Cpanel access. - WordPress Access. - Alidropship plugin license. - Professionally customized layout. - Logo, banners... - 34 products already imported - No revenue. Bidding...
  6. M

    I want to sell my alidropship License (not hosting)

    Hello People I'm here to offer my alidropship license. Reason i'm giving away because Payment and withdraw doesn't suits where i live Let me know if you are interested and you can message me in personal
  7. N

    plugin license key control

    I've had to request alidropship support to deactivate and reactivate my plugin license key multiple times because I've been making changes to my host and domain. I'd really like to be able to deactivate and activate our plugin keys by ourselves so I don't have to be bothered to keep asking...