1. G

    AliExpress ePN Affiliate Program -Traffic source : status waiting

    Hello, I followed the following tutorial: https://help.alidropship.com/en/articles/2258082-aliexpress-cashback I have subscribed to the aliexpress affiliate program but my traffic source is in "Waiting" status. I have received the following question from aliexperess: "Could you briefly...
  2. empireste

    EPN Cashback

    Hi guys, I joined the EPN program by following this guide! The following image indicates to insert the link to the Aliexpress homepage. When I click on the aliexpress.com link, I get redirected to the subdomain it.aliexpress.com. That said, is it better for me to enter the domain...
  3. T

    EPN cashback URL

    I'm not able to find the EPN cashback URL, and the menus seem to have changed since these instructions were created. I already use the EPN plugin for my browser, so I know it's all set up correctly, but I'm not sure about the URL, so any feedback would be appreciated.