davinci theme. ali dropship

  1. C

    Debugging, troubleshooting, and flexible installation

    How can I check your site and fix errors? Can I from the developers and debugging Thank you
  2. C

    Google Play

  3. C

    I want to add a purchase service on your behalf

    Hi I want to add a page that includes the purchase service on behalf of the customer like the picture listed Thanks
  4. D

    Davinci add product sidebar on product page

    Dear friends, I am using Davinci theme on Alidropship pluging for Woocommerce wordpress. I have been struggling for days now to find a way to remove the distracting "related products" sidebar on the single product page a. Removal of 'related products' side bar a1. I am using the child theme and...
  5. muzammilrafiq

    Davinci theme variable product selection issue

    Hello, my website url is : https://phonecasebay.com When I rotate images on website on the product page and then if i try to select the variation it doesn't select the variation. However, if i have not touched the slider images and select variation, it works fine. can you tell me whats going...
  6. mushrukh

    Davinci Blog section Bug

    Hi @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova in the blog section at the bottom of the blog where we comment on it. The section gave for names, email site seems very disturbing as well can you just change it and make it highlighted in the box itself? I am attaching the pic kindly check it
  7. mushrukh


    Hi I updated the latest davinci theme And this is the bug i am getting. This line which overlaps the "100% Secure Payment" cab be seen whenwhen the website is visited on mobile. This was not on previous update . Kindly checkit and make it more easy for mobile friendly @Victoria Kudryashova...
  8. mushrukh

    removing paypal and western union image

    Hi @Yaros @Victoria Kudryashova is there a method to remove the image of paypal and western union from the theme page at footer as I am applying for 2checkout payment gateway and at the time of review they might see my store and disapprove the application. Please if its possible to remove this...
  9. kefaae

    New block

    Hi... I recently installed Davinci theme with Ali dropship plugin. Please some body tell me if I can improving my website in future. One more thing... Can I add new block such as (new arrivals) or (best seller)?