1. C

    PRESALE: Hosting - Data Center Location(s)

    Can you choose from different data center locations if you buy the hosting package? USA? If not, where is the data center located?
  2. AryanShirani

    Top Selling Products Not Displaying True Data

    Hi, so as the title, on the website Top Selling Section is not displaying the top selling products, just random products, is not useful at all... This is very important because top selling products are the best products on store usually and most promoted and haveing them on the main section of...
  3. I

    Reviews Country Code

    Hi! I've noticed that when importing reviews plugin does not write anywhere country code in database. Is it possible to insert country code into comment_author_IP table? Many thanks.
  4. tamzy

    Chrome Extension Question

    What kind of data are you all collecting from users who have the Chrome extension installed and how are you using it? I'm asking because I just read your latest white paper and I'm wondering how you came up with the list of niches. Is it through independent research or did you guys just look at...