dali theme

  1. P

    Dali Change log update 1.7.3

    Hi there, The change log for the Dali theme hasn't been updated since April and there has been a few updates since then. Are you able to please update with all version? Thanks
  2. Lexandra

    Changing the fonts of the Dali theme ?

    Hi everyone ! I have an issue with the Dali theme font, I don't really like it... Is there any way I can change the fonts or the font family without ruining my website ? lol Maybe the CSS part ? but i have no clue what to put in there without ruining the website... I use the Alidropship...
  3. C

    Dali > Menu > Categories and Images in the dropdown

    Hi there, So when you create a menu item in Dali and have product categories, it displays list of the categories but if the category list is not long enough, it covers the remaining menu dropdown box with images that it fetches automatically. I have included a screenshot to what I am referring...
  4. mromaha

    Dali Them edit and issue

    My question: Is there any way to add a photo or background in the box that pops up when you hover over a menu. I just think there is too much white space and would like to display a photo or even change the color. I have attached a photo. Secondly, I'm having an issue with the product details...
  5. A

    Dali theme.

    Dali theme is lovely. I was wondering if there's a problem with it though. I mean the menu. When I try to update my footer menu, I go thru appearance>menu> then choose the menus I need for my footer but it doesn't actually display at my footer. Anyone else seeing this?
  6. S

    Subscription Form set up for Dali Theme

    Hi..seems recently Dali theme was updated and a Subscription Form was added in the same. How ever unlike the Subscription form set up details for other themes I could not find any such guide for Dali theme. Somehow I have managed to add mailchimp code in the customisation settings/subscription...
  7. LuckBeach

    How to Change 'Product Details' wording using Additional CSS in Customizer on Dali theme

    Hi I would like to change the words 'Product Details' on every product in my store to read 'Product Details & Size Charts'. The code in the Editor reads: <?php if( cz( 'tp_tab_item_details' ) ) : ?> <div id="item-details" class="content"> <div class="panel panel-default"> <div...
  8. Kerri-Ann C Bryan

    Dali Theme Issues

    I'm really liking the clean layout of the new Dali theme, however, I do have a few suggestions I'd like to share: About me: I am the owner of a women's fashion boutique 1. Could you allow magnifying or an enlarged feature on each product image. I believe this feature was avail on the rembrandt...