1. E

    Error : Order page pot loading properly

    hi, i am using alidropship + davinci on Chrome + Windows 7 system. Today suddenly i encountered this order page, which does not seem to load properly. my plugin and theme are up to date. i also found this error in my older site (which no longer in active service).
  2. malikycole88

    Scrape description image

    Sorry for the newbie question just moving from Shopify oberlo to alidropship. My Question is can the alidropship chrome extension scape product description image into the gallery rather than saving them and adding them into WordPress? for oberlo when I was using it scraped those.
  3. M

    Alidropship Plugin Crash Google Chrome

    After 10 minutes of work the Alidropship Plugin doesn't worn anymore Everyday is the same It's impossible to work for me in this way Sometimes after 30 minutes I have to close the browser and then start again losing all pages opened . Sometimes even with this doesn't work , it's like the...
  4. wanabud

    Please authorize your site on AliDropship Google Chrome extension problem

    Dear support @Ekaterina Sayapina , I just tried to use direct import products using alidropship, but an error appeared like the following: Please authorize your site on AliDropship Google Chrome extension. does anyone experience the same thing with me? Please help. thank you Best Regards, Nofel
  5. Nesonica

    Authorization does not work with Chrome Extension

    Hey guys, I get the error "Please authorize your site on AliDropship Google Chrome extension." when trying to use the Direct Import although my WooCommerce shop license is activated and all set to go: My Extension and my Woo Plugin both are on the newest version. Any idea how to fix this?
  6. E

    Direct Import Issue

    Hello, I've just started to use Alidropship but I am having an issue with the direct import plugin, I am using Chrome, loading the import products page, clicking on direct import and then finding the items, clicking on the shopping cart with the + on it, it will then import 1 item and no more...
  7. R

    alidropship Chrome extension too slow

    Hello guys, may i know why the chrome extension is that laggy? I mean it takes me hours to add 10 products and some times it keeps on loading forever...And no, i will not use the integrated search engine as it does not show whether or not the seller use e-packets,price for each variation etc...