1. G

    AliDropship + Aftership... do I need the aftership woocommerce plugin installed?

    Hello, I chose Aftership as the Tracking Service under AliExpress > Settings. I also created an Aftership account, installed the Aftership Woocommerce plugin, and linked my account with the Aftership API key. Was that all necessary? There is nowhere to link AliDropship with my AfterShip...
  2. Wei Jian

    Problem with Order Tracking Services (Cannot Track Aliexpress Items)

    I've just done a dropship demo on my site to check out the workflow with Alidropship Woo. The purchased item is one that uses Aliexpress Standard Shipping (with tracking number available). The item was shipped out today from a warehouse in China. But the problem is, it cannot be tracked by...
  3. Moussdog

    AfterShip with Alidropship Plugin

    Hey, I would suggest to add AfterShip to alidropship Plugin ( not the woo version) because it's so much easier to Understand from a customers standpoint , I get a lot of complaints about 17 track... I saw that Wish use this solution and look so great on their app! That's it, Thank you
  4. anonymous1971

    New Aftership tracking service added

    Hello. Thanks for this but where can i find any information how to set this up?