1. E

    Account retrieval tool

    Hi all! We rely heavily on the ali account retrieval tool to look up which account was used to place an order, so that we can look up status and track & trace. The last month or so, ali has introduced the new order numbers...
  2. ahmadtalal0786

    Two Important Question to increase your site security

    Hello, I have couple of question to increase the site security, 1. How can i limit the number of email for user registration. I mean that the user can register with the specific email providers. I can do it in woocommerce but I dont know how to do it here. Like limit them to only register...
  3. M

    No order details under customer account

    I made a test order as client on my webiste. i got an email from the store as thank you email and could see the order details in the email. Now i'm seeing 2 issues here 1. After placing the order i went to my account and when i click Order tab i can not see any order details under my account...