abandoned cart

  1. A

    Abandoned Cart Statistics

    I have a question. I know there has been Abandoned Carts on my website (I see it through my FB Ad Manager), but Abandoned Cart add-on have no information on that Carts at all. I asked support, and apparently, if buyer just added product to the Cart, and left site without initiating checkout...
  2. Ryan

    Abandoned cart add-on bugs

    Images will show what's wrong. See below. Image 1. Abandoned cart email template. Image 2. Image 3. Image 4. Long-time ago I thought why my abandoned cart emails don't work too good but I never tested why. So now I tested and as you see there are a few bugs. Would be great if...
  3. deep.sandeep

    Abandoned Cart is not working?

    Hey! I installed Abandoned cart plugin, as my store is custom one so email notification service is taken by SMTP service. But issue is whenever anyone puts products to cart then it is displaying in order section as abandoned but it is not showing in Abandoned cart. Not a single product and not a...
  4. Scruty

    Abandoned cart is not supported by woo commerce

    Hi, I intalled abandoned cart plugin and I have latest woo commerce and wordpress yet I got this error after install of abandoned cart: Error! AliDropship Abandoned Cart add-on is not supported by WooCommerce. Thanks for help
  5. J

    Abandoned Cart Error

    What is up guys? I'm getting this error message: Error: Invalid Parameters used in API call.Hence failed. when trying to send a test email in Abandoned Cart. Any ideas how to fix it?
  6. nardog03

    Abandon Cart Email Sending To Junk Mail

    Hello everyone, I have installed the AbandonCart Addon plugin for my website. It is working and sending emails to customers that have left items in their carts, but the problem is that is the emails are getting sent to the junk mail and not filtered through to reach their inbox. I have tried...
  7. S

    Add to carts but no Sales

    Hello, I am running Facebook ads, I see 45 Add To Cars in Facebook Campaigns but I don't see any sales. I have setup abandoned cart e-mails also, I don't seen any mails in the queue. Does this mean that Alidropship plugin sent e-mails to customers who abandoned carts ? Any help here is greatly...
  8. K

    Abandoned cart not capturing emails

    I can't figure out how to capture emails when the cart is abandoned. I tried entering different emails from different computers and different IP addresses subsequently abandoning the cart but no emails were captured. I checked "email lists" in marketing menu and it shows 0 emails. I also...
  9. anonymous1971

    Abandoned cart availability for woocommerce plugin

    Is this is planning or better to buy a 3rd party abandoned cart plugin?
  10. K

    Abandoned cart

    These fields information {} automatically includes when sending or need to change them by my data? I thought that its auto but send test mail and it didint changes or it is just for test mail?