1. Zlaja

    Imported products but 404 error page opens instead of product page

    I am new in this, I have installed everything... installed some products and they are shown on the Home page... but when I click on product, instead of detailed page, I got 404 error page... tried everything but always got this problem... Please help!
  2. P

    [Solved] 404 Error - even with "Post Name" URLs

    Product pages will not show up and instead get a 404 page. Is there something else that could cause this? Thank you
  3. aluracing

    Sitemap - 404 - Enabled

    Hi i saw a few people with my problem that the site cant find the sitemap.xml. The option is enables in the plugin and says: Since you are using Nginx as your web-server, please configure the following rewrite rule in case you get 404 Not Found errors for your sitemap: rewrite...
  4. I

    Personal accounts page 404

    When I click on My Account link at the top, it leads to a 404 page. I'm thinking that link should take me to the following page as described in the knowledge base. My login link also leads to 404 page. Customer Accounts registration is enabled in the AliDropship Settings. What could be the...
  5. M

    Direct import to category

    Hi there! i am direct importing products, but i wonder if i can import them to a specific category, because i can´t... and they dont show up when i click on the product at the home page, i receive a 404 error. Thank you