1. ashik_cse

    Anyone facing problem For 2checkout Approved..? Send me text...

    anyone want to approved 2checkout account for your store..? send me text.
  2. R

    2checkout payment gateway requirement is Proof of stock for my products.

    2checkout requirement: Please address the below items in order for us to continue the review process on your application: If you hold stock of the products displayed on your website, please provide Proof of stock for the below products ...
  3. B

    Help to connect 2checkout

    I created a dropshipping website. There is no payment system to get started. Due to the fact that I am from Russia and do not know English well, it is difficult for me to independently connect the payment system. I need help to connect the 2checkout payment system for a fee. It is necessary to...
  4. D

    Change 2Checkout Settings to be approved

    Hi, I got this message from 2chekout validation team: How do I change the payment settings to make them go to 2checkout instead of having my customers enter their payment details on my site. Thanks
  5. S

    2Checkout is pathetic

    I was trying to use 2checkout for . new store and they have been PATHETIC. After 3 weeks f doing to and fro and super slow team, they rejected my approval. I plan to go public for the same so that other entrepreneurs know about the same. I respect policies and duly submitted papers - but they...
  6. Nova

    Help me to get any Payment Gateway

    Hello, Someone, please help me. I'm trying to connect any payment gateway.. and no results :( First of all, i've tried to connect a PayPal. Because i'm from Russia and i can't use a personal account, there is no API options, it's only at Business account. I created a Business account, sent...
  7. R

    2Checkout Integration

    I try to integrate my store payment gateway with 2Checkout. Just created account. But stuck with account setting up. Now my account home page look like this.(screenshot attached) I clicked continue button, an they asking company details, legal documents, locations, etc... At this moment I'm...
  8. S

    I want to ask about 2Checkout as payment provider

    Hello, I try to register to 2Checkout, I provide all the information they need, but I get an email like this: please complete the following item(s): AliExpress/Drop-Shipping Agreement: We need two (2) pieces of information from you: Please provide copies of your last 90 days payment...
  9. soona

    Bad experience with 2checkout

    I had a bad experience with 2checkout I started my business 5 months ago and i made a good profit just from facebook ads Then one day i received an order with a big amount ,the buyer ordered smartphones costs 995$, as always i bought the products from aliexpress and shipped his order with DHL...
  10. jubran

    2Checkout On-Site Credit Card Payments

    Hello, Since I am in Israel, the only option for fast credit card processing is currently 2Checkout. I see that all the other options in the credit cards section are on-site but the 2Checkout one. This is definitely very important to be sorted out since having it on-site is much better and...