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    How do you promote your products effectively?

    The best platform to promote your products is Pinterest. It's quite effective!
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    Reviews and Ratings

    Try asking for them in communities and not just focusing on buying them.
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    Hi Guys! How much do you guys spend on Ads each month?

    Very well thought DW
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    How make email marketing

    Mailchimp is all the way the best email marketing platform.
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    Googlebot access

    Is this tool really effective and does its suggestions really matter?
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    domain name ending not with .com

    What does exact keyword have to do with .co? Please enlighten!
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    Yoast SEO Plugin For WooCommerce

    Yoast's recommendations are really beneficial with regards to on-page seo.
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    Google analytics enhance e-commerce

    Same problem here...
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    how can i set search result page permalink url?

    You stole my words.
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    how can i set search result page permalink url?

    This is by default :) It's not a landing page after all.
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    Blog, should we use same website or dedicated blog site ?

    Have your own blog. Don't just host a sub domain. See this as an example. Also you could use other's blogs for getting backlinks and to generate relevant traffic to your site. Having an internal blog is ideal to get searches on certain topics. And then those visitors could be influenced to make...
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    Make sure those mobile versions of your site meet the criteria...

    So you mean to say that there would be a difference in rankings for both the mobile and desktop versions ?:eek:
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    Desktop or Mobile

    You have to make it responsive for both mediums. Chrome's inspect element makes it easier to see if your site is responsive or not!
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    Poor result im google search

    Sign up for the search console (previously known as Google webmasters) and track your website for issues. It will definitely show you the crawling errors due to which your site's urls are not being indexed properly. Cheers!
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    spam users

    If it's the comments that's disturbing you, apply akismet plugin and say goodbye to comment spammers.