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    Formula + ePacket

    The number of countries according to the UN in 2018, there were 252. This decision will break the formula. In addition, if you integrate ePacket, it is not in the form that you suggested. A bit more complicated. Nobody forbids writing add-ons, third-party developers can always ask what they need...
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    Graphical issue after AliDropship Woo is activated.

    Dear friends, well-wishers and ill-wishers. I want to clarify once and for all about the compatibility of the themes of WOO and AliDropship WOO plug-in. We modify the output in WOO using only appropriate filters and hooks from official WOO Docs, in order to ensure compatibility with normal...
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    Problem compatibility with theme and labels

    If I understand correctly you want to change the display style for the attributes. You can add Custom CSS, I think your theme has this settings option. Try to add this CSS .adsw-attribute-option .meta-item-img img{ border-radius:50%; -webkit-border-radius:50%; border-color:#fff...
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    invoice e-mail problem

    Hello everyone. When deciding on currency in notifications, we were guided primarily by the fact that payment is made through a payment gateway with which you have concluded a service agreement. Most payment systems allow their customers to accept payments in only one currency (most often due...
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    Prices are WAY off after importing

    Product importing always comes in USD from AliExpress by default.
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    Is there a Rounding option on WOO plugin

    I think we can try it to do.
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    AliWoo Plugin Don't Import Products Data in my Language and other problems

    2. You can edit the product with variation and Set regular pricies and Set sale pricies price to product variations 3. We need a link to a product on AliExpress to check it. Perhaps the AliExpress made some changes in their system.
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    AliWoo Plugin Don't Import Products Data in my Language and other problems

    Hi, 1. You need select Portugues language on AliExpress before click to import the product. 2. Don't understand about pricing formula. 3. What about reviews?
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    Cannot Post Order

    It already fixed. Check new version tomorrow.
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    If we already purchased the Alidropship plugin how do we get the new Woo plugin?

    Go to the Updates Page -> click Get The Latest Version -> put your license key and get lnk to download latest version of AliDropship plugin or AliDropship WOO plugin
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    Woocomerce already active with products can receive the plugin?

    Speak English please. We don't understand you.
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    Product accessible only with a link!

    Tonight I did add-on for AliDropship plugin to create direct link. This add-on be available to download after next release of plugin. This is the technical name. It may be changed in the future.
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    Problems with Davinci v0.9.4

    You need update theme and plugin to latest version
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    How to set up cron job to execute the pricing/stock update command

    I agree with you completely. We are monitoring the situation. As soon as the opportunity to offer the best solutions for the renovation of the goods, we'll make it. I hope that AliExspress listen to our opinion.
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    Problem with Stripe Payments ?

    Anyway, I recommend contact to support. I talked with our system administrator, he promised to give advice. ;)