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    AliExpress starting to close orders

    Here's the email that I got from AliExpress: Thank you for shopping on AliExpress ! We are sorry to inform you that for system reason, this process cannot be continued. After cancellation, you will receive the refund within 3-20 business days or confirm with bank if any delays. We apologize...
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    AliExpress starting to close orders

    Hi everyone, I have been dropshipping 100+ items per day. Recently I noticed that AliExpress is starting to close our orders, even though we are fully verified on AliExpress and AliPay. Does anyone else have a similar problem with AliExpress? This problem started last Friday and our orders...
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    Admitad Cashback Not Working

    @Yaros is alidropship woo taking commissions from our orders? Which is why we are unable to see the commissions on our Admitad/EPN dashboard?
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    Admitad Cashback Not Working

    The Admitad/EPN cashback is not showing up after transactions are made on AliExpress. You could try this for yourself by making live purchases with the affiliate link in the Alidropship Woo plugin. The live transactions do not register on Admitad or EPN. This issue has been occurring for about a...
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    Admitad Cashback Not Working

    There is really an issue with the Admitad cashback not working. It is also not working with EPN. Tagging @Yaros here - hope this issue can be solved soon!
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    Unable to import products for Alidropship Woo

    Hello, I am suddenly unable to import products - the import and edit buttons no longer work! I think it's because of the Chrome Extension update Could you please check?
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    Order numbers disappeared after WP 5.2 Update

    Hello, I updated my site to WP 5.2, the order numbers for all the orders in woocommerce disappeared I am running Alidropship Woo with Woocommerce. Could you please look into this issue? Thanks
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    AliExpress not longer supports AliPocket payments?

    I found out that Aliexpress is terminating their AliPocket service? Here's an update from their customer support team. So apparently we cannot use AliPocket to fulfil bulk orders anymore? Update termination plan for Pocket process. Background: due to business adjustment, pocket process will...
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    Address Fields not filling up after Version Update

    Hello, There's an issue with automatically fulfilling orders after the Version update for Alidropship Woo - the address fields do not automatically fill up when placing an order. This problem occurs when trying to fulfil an order automatically - the screen just gets stuck at the...
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    ATTENTION YAROS: Edit Button not working!

    Hi Yaros, I thought that I should just bring it up to your attention that the "edit" button under import product is suddenly not working. A bunch of other people have reported it in this thread as well (see the bottom)...
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    ATTENTION YAROS: Images not uploading properly for Alidropship Woo Plugin

    Dear Yaros, I'm happy to update that the issues have been resolved now. Great work!! I bought the plugin again for my other sites too. Thanks again
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    ATTENTION YAROS: Images not uploading properly for Alidropship Woo Plugin

    Hi Yaros, great to hear from you. Could you please let me know the email for me to send the wp-admin details?
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    ATTENTION YAROS: Images not uploading properly for Alidropship Woo Plugin

    Hello, Someone already posted about this issue, but I am posting here so that maybe an admin or Yaros can look into the issue as soon as possible. This issue has been persisting for over 2 weeks so I hope it can be resolved. There is an issue with importing images from Aliexpress - whenever...
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    Images not importing

    Hello, I am having the same issue. The variation images are not importing properly. I am also running the latest version of the Alidropship Woo plugin and Chrome Extension 2.70
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    Chrome extension crashing with newest chrome

    Hi Christina, yes I have updated the plugin and the Chrome extension and both seem to be working fine now. Thank you! As an aside, I noticed that importing products from Aliexpress takes a long time and the gallery images are not loading properly. Maybe this is due to the Chrome update? Would...