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    I get an error after installing the davinci 2.0 theme

    Hello I tried to install the davinci 2.0 theme and I got an error message instead that said: "Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Class 'ads\adsTmpl' not found in /home/leczykid/public_html/wp-content/themes/davinci2/header.php:7 ...." Screen shot of the error can be found below
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    Happy Birthday, Yaros!

    Happy birthday @Yaros, you are a true blessing to us all
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    My application for payment just go rejected again and I don't know what to do any more

    Hello @hndl85 , sorry for replying late, Please pardon me. Though I registered successfully, stripe eventually blocked my account for no reason. However, I am now using 2checkout with payoneer and have not experienced any problems so far.
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    DropshipMe ver.0.9.2 UPDATE

    Dear Olga, turns out all I needed was to update the plugin. It works fine now. Thanks
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    DropshipMe ver.0.9.2 UPDATE

    Since the droshipMe plugin got updated anytime I search for products, all I get is an error message that says: "Not found". How can I resolve this ?
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    My application for payment just go rejected again and I don't know what to do any more

    For month now I have been trying to setup payment processing on my site and I end up getting rejected every time. Honestly I have become very tired of that and don't know what else to do. I have even gone as far as registering an LLC in the US and I even have an EIN, I also have a US phone...
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    How to add a wishlist to the shopper theme

    Hello I am having a little challenge trying to add the wishlist icon to the shopper theme, just as it is on the theme image. Is there anyone who can put me through on how to make it happen? also I want to know how to make the wishlist page such that only logged in users can access it. I...
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    Setting the best price for products hot selling products on Ebay

    Hello I just read Olga's article on how to use hot selling items on ebay for your own benefit, link to the article can be found here: One thing I observed while reading the article was that the margin between the prices of the...
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    Do i need any licence to start dropshipping business

    I heard recently that stripe no longer supports virtual accounts numbers, however there is another alternative known as stripe atlas that allows you to incorporate a company in the US and receive payments online
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    Registering an LLC in the US

    Stripe works with payoneer, maybe they think payoneer is a bank account or something. Payoneer gives you virtual accounts, US, EU and UK. Under the option where you receive global payments, you will see an option for a US bank account. Take the account number, ABA and other numbers required and...
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    Registering an LLC in the US

    Thanks Direct Webstore, When I register my business, I will definitely be using Stripe. However, I checked and discovered that Delaware charges state tax. why do you think Delaware is a good option ?
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    Registering an LLC in the US

    I am considering registering an LLC in the US, however when I researched myusacompany I discovered they have 2 plans, Basic, Recommended and Premium. For someone on a tight budget do you think it will be safe to select the basic plan without running into any problems in future. Also, are there...
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    Dropshippers should buy product at a reduced price on Aliexpress

    If you can talk to your suppliers you might be able to negotiate a fair price, however, I don't think suppliers will be willing to sell at a reduced price if you don't buy in bulk.
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    Do i need any licence to start dropshipping business

    You don't need any license to start a Dropshipping business, however it is advisable you register an LLC in the US after you start making profits, to look more convincing.