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    Manual Poster for Social Rabbit

    Instead of downloading multiple photos and entering details manually, we can push to publish from the plugin itself. I have seen other software does similar jobs.
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    Manual Poster for Social Rabbit

    Hi, Please add manual poster features for social rabbit add-on plugin. It will great to select specific products we want to post instantly in addition to auto poster. Please bring this features in the next release Thanks
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    Let us to choose the tracking service

    Want this
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    Enable Multiple payment method

    Hi, please add option to enable two or more payment method in checkout page? for now we can select only one payment method in addition to PayPal and COD. Want to use multiple payment gateway during checkout. Please consider to add for India. Thank you
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    Davinci 2 Theme Main menu missing on category page & single product page

    hi can you add horizontal Main menu bar in the next release along with sticky menu bar? Currently when viewing category or single product page..main menu navigation is missing which is very inconvenient for the customer jump to any other menu. Also is it possible to add more features like price...
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    facing the same issues with 0% progress and it is very frustrating that i have only 8-9products just to setup my shop. Many people are having the same issues and instead of asking PM for credentials why dont you guys give us suggestions to resolve this without having to write back and forth and...
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    i have the same problem with me...cannot generate xml files for both Facebook businesss and google merchant...after clicking stays at 0%.. Please solve ASAP>..i think many of us facing the same issues
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    Remove Published by SocialRabbit Plugin on Facebook

    Hi, How to remove this Published by SocialRabbit Plugin · September 5 at 1:00 AM · ..i dont want this to let customers know that some robot or autopost software is promoting products on my FB page. You could give an option to change it in the settings?
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    The DaVinci 2.0 theme (BETA)

    ok but not; the alidropship plugin works only on
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    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.3.8 - UPDATE

    Thanks but support wont be of much help since i myself have to redo all the pricing formula again.. Plz suggest to have the feature for import/export of the settings to developer
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    The DaVinci 2.0 theme (BETA)

    Few suggestions 1. Why not have full page view Cart in addition to side view cart? it is annoying if you order many items and want to view and edit in full page. Side cart view is like a preview and also cannot cart on checkout. 2. Would like to have horizontal navigation top menu with Sticky...
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    The DaVinci 2.0 theme (BETA)

    yes i understand how to install it...i was just saying because am already using the Plugin for my website and for testing i need to create another website in a sub-directory but it wont allow to have another LICENSE to activate :(
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    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.3.8 - UPDATE

    am new so i updated from AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.3.7; Please consider having import/export function of the settings
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    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.3.8 - UPDATE

    i think you guys must test it before releasing new updates. It might just crash every settings unknowingly :(
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    AliDropship Plugin ver. 1.3.8 - UPDATE

    All my previous custom Pricing Formula got it'll take time to re-configure :( why dont you bring an option to plugin settings backup or ability to import pricing formula via csv/excel?