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    Cannot update products

    did you fix it? i have the same issue...
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    Supplier info is missing

    thanks :)
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    Supplier info is missing

    hello, removing my whole site of products and make import again? and then what? after new update new import? I'm sure they need to make normal updates so there won't be no need to create the shop from the beginning
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    Supplier info is missing

    Just noticed that after alidropship plugin update I couldn't place an order, as the Supplier info was missing. All fields are totally empty. So i have a product in my store, price etc. But can't see it on Ali as all the info is missing... UPD. same issue with all products...
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    broken item images

    Hello! I have a problem which I'm trying to fix for weeks... On my website Some of the products have broken images (can't tell exactly which products, because on mobile phone it can be 1 item and on desktop another one...). When i regenerate them, they start to be ok for a...