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    2021 question...

    After a while, I can see that (in my opinion), these are the must have and only add-ons I need For PAID add-ons: 1. Upsell (obviously) 2. SEO Image Optimizer (best image compressor and title/alt bulk change I've ever seen till now) 3. If you use paid advertiser - Facebook: Facebook Business -...
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    Aliexpress banned in India
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    Aliexpress banned in India

    Search on the forum for this, I remember many people have asked and discussed about this before
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    Question about transfering hosting.

    Well, all you need to do is backup your entire cPanel, ask your new host to help with the migration And after moving your cPanel and domain, ask the old provider to close your account
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    I need an honest opinion from someone with more experience

    So what is your website URL?
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    Product page error

    Sorry I can't help much with this, wish you luck!
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    Product page error

    You should send an email to with your - Login URL: - ID: - Password: They might reply within this weekend or usually next week as it's weekend.
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    Product page error

    Hi, According to the screenshot, your website is fine but that page URL doesn't exist. I can see that none of your product's URL is accessible. When you click Edit a product, can you see the edit page or still 404 Error?
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    AliDropship Chrome Extension ver. - UPDATE

    I just checked, the newest version is Check if you're using the old version extension
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    Changing Default Pages' Permalink (El Greco Theme)

    I you found the code, please share. I had to design the whole website again for my late child theme :)
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    DaVinci Theme - Category Page Sidebar Label

    Can you send screenshots of the section you're mentioning?
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    Taxes question

    It means that you should not even turn on taxes unless you reach the point of making a lot of sales. If you charge taxes, you will have to pay it to the customer’s country’s government. And register for a tax number beforehand
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    Taxes question

    Well, you won't need to worry about taxes when you first started. As in USA (for example), you only need to charge taxes to the customers when: - You have 200 orders the previous year - OR made more than $100,000 the previous year And for that, you're obligated to charge customers VAT taxes...
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    How to get a new payment gateway integrated on Alidropship plugin for Middle East

    How could you forget such perfect thread! :cool: