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    Contact me when you have time P.M
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    AliDropship Woo plugin ver. 1.6.35 - UPDATE

    Try the update in the dashboard section
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    AliDropship Woo plugin ver. 1.6.35 - UPDATE

    Update the plugin.
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    AliDropship Woo plugin ver. 1.6.35 - UPDATE

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    Search Consol Error "Invalid Object Type for field Brand ( optional )"

    Your Subscribe code is broken better you rewriting it. Go here find your theme and copy /paste the subscribe code in your website again .. then try to connect with maillchimp or any other mail provider you have.
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    Hided Links?

    Try same product from different suppliers
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    AliDropship Woo plugin ver. 1.6.35 - UPDATE

    Thank you . But how I will do that ?
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    AliDropship Woo Themes

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    AliDropship Woo Themes

    Ok. I have locate the issue .. is on the wishlist plugin itself. Who is going to be responsible for theme development on this forum ? I have fine few bug on some theme that I like to discuss. Thank you .
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    Hided Links?

    Is a bug of the product .. Delete this products and reimport it. Is going to fix the issue.
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    Imported product stock variation not updating

    First personal i will have try to find the products from other suppliers and send to the customers . You are already get paid so you just find the product from other suppliers and send it. The autoupdate happen once a day. They aliexpress suppliers possible make the change in that time frame...
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    AliDropship Woo Themes

    Anybody of the Alidropship Team looking in to this? Same issue here . Also i can not tag ekaterina, is something wrong with her account. @George Murdasov
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    To authorize your site, click AliDropship extension icon on your browser panel.

    If you already authorized and doesn’t work , follow this link
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    Promo Banner is not Working.

    If you don’t have SSL enable you can not even activate your license. Check in the general setting if your website url and site address url are in the https/ protocol , if is like that ( http/ ) then add the ( s ) in the end for you enable the secure site version. Add the (s) in both lines.