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    Startup hickups on SR

    Found out of the Pinterest issue, it was on the “authorize” section...
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    Startup hickups on SR

    The link was to a Russian page.. The account is not new but I just installed SR. I don’t use it for droppshipping and are not using the product poster, I use it to post blog posts.. I did give a few manual likes, and that is how I found I was banned.. Do I have to wait to use promoter because...
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    Startup hickups on SR

    Jus got the social rabbit WordPress plugin.. I when using gallery I get this error: Feb 25 09:40 pm Parameter 'board_id' is required. where can I set the board_Id? Also my instagram account got banned the first day I used promoter ( I am not allowed to like or follow for 2 days...)The account...
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    Product Bundle add-on (BETA)

    Do you have link to the woo version?
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    Store Review

    I am no expert at this. But one issue I see is that your products are products that can be found everywere on local shops. I think you website look good.
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    Dropship to small country

    Thanks for the advice. I also come from Norway My guess is that computer,mobile and electorincs customers now about Aliexpress, about google image search and so on. Also shipping times are challenging, since people in general expect fast delivery.. My plan is to find new product that other...
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    Dropship to small country

    I am targeting my country of about 6 million and 3,5 mill above 18 on FB. Will this audience be to small for sucessfull dropshippong?
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    TOP5 Best-selling products sold by Dropshippers in January 2019

    Exellent stuff! How do you fond the data for this?
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    Selling Social Rabbit Plugin

    Would you like to trade it for a alidropship woo versjon licence plugin? I have one licence i dont use..