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Website for sell
I have not made a sales
It is just 3months old
What is have inside
1 domain name for 1year for 1year
3. Alishipping
4. Social rabbit
5. Ali plugin
6.add on 3 different one
So am selling everything for 150euro
Thank you
Hello how are you
Is there anyway you know how to process an order when it’s saying variation not found.
Most likely the connection between that product and Aliexpress has been disconnected. The common reason for this is people deleted the "Ship From" attribute. You can try resetting that product and place the order again
In today’s day it seems rather difficult to find a one-stop-shop that has it all. Most sites are only looking to sell their products rather than provide the information the customers need in order to make their purchase easier!
On a new web site shopping cart I do not get the "Buy it Now" button . It allows me to fill the required shipping information and does not let me pay.
As a payment options I only activated PayPal. Could it be the reasons?
I get something similar. Weird part is it is like this for some products and not or all. Following your post
Create a thread for this matter in the "Alidropship Plugin" or "AliDropship Plugin for WooCommerce" forum. Members and admins will help you out if possible.
Please Chris37 how do I remove the alidropship video
And how do I make a free logo
I will need your help thank you
I am selling a new dropship website setup , comes with alidropship plugin, woocommerce purchased theme and 1 year hosting , 50 winning imported list , and already imported items looking nice . I am not getting any payment plugin to use in Ghana thats why I am selling it
Nothing's is working on your site!
Good evening guys
Please can someone help me check is my website is in order
Am new
My website is
Is need a lot of work. I just open it for 10 second and I left ...
In this time I found you don't have logo! The " thank you " image you have there is not a logo.

You have video in you homepage slider promote dropshipping..
If you ever want to have sale in you life better remove it fast.
Good evening guys
Please can anyone check my website if is in order
Am new
Mt website is
please is sendinblue free or you have to pay for every message send
And how do I register download the app or just register online.
Sendinblue is free, their free plan allows you to send 300 emails per day
And you can register online with your Google account/FB account
Hi Ekaterina!
Wondering if you can add me to GlotPress?
I want to edit the swedisch translation. :-)
Best regards
Direct Webstore
Direct Webstore
Swedisch. Is that a hybrid of Swedish and German? lol ;)
Likes: Niels
Haha - oh yes it is! germish at its best
Hi Gabriella,
As I also, like you, use the raphael theme with the original plugin, I'd like to ask you if you already tried to test the Facebook link to share the product on the product's page.
I tried to share on FB a product on my website, but the featured image doens't appear. Instead, appears the logo image.

I'd like to know if you try it and if the featured image apprears. Thank you
Install "Yoast" plugin or "Rankmath" plugin, the "Social" section of each product will let you decide which image you want to represent that product
Hi everyone, I'm kinda new here, I have 2 questions hope someone can help out!

1. How can I Bold the Thread Title?
2. I cannot Insert Image in private message. Seems like it's not accepting links from online screenshots :)

1) I don't know ;)
2) the_iyall was able to sent me screenshot in private message, contact him if he can help you.
H, I’m just starting my drop ship premium stores and would really appreciate help getting going.
If anyone is in Perth Australia doing the same o would be grateful to be able to catch up and learn from you.