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Hi All The Nice People,

I am new to this drop ship ! with zero technical skill.

Can anyone tell me which plug in i should use to up sales.

Like some site pop up " From Sydney Jhone Buy This.... "

A Cerber Security Malaware Scan is giving me this Notice....."We have not found any integrity data to verify AliDropship Plugin v. 1.2.3." could anybody on the forum comment and advice me to resolve this issue please , if ever it's a serious issue???.... otherwise please neglect it..thank you!
Hi Tina

I see your a member from 2017, I just started my Dropshipping store and wanted to now how your sales are doing?
Lost customer because i forgot to disable stipe test settings. Any idea to stop this from ever happening again
How to upgrade to order a basic custom store when you already bought the plugin? Can we just pay the differences?
just use your plugin license as a coupon code while purchasing a custom store. You will get a discount on the amount you paid for the plugin.
how much is the coupon code?
It depends on how much you paid for the plugin.
I have an issue when I right review from my mobile, I can't post, I can't see in my dashboard comment section I have a dropshipping store. any one has any idea.
Hi Ekaterina, I sent you my WP Login Details and now my website is not running, I have a meeting with one of the investor in an hour. Kindly do the needful, so that I can run my website in front of the Investor......
How to post My website Products Photos to Instagram???? Can any friend help me please????..I have tried, but failed..could not find a solution...thanking you in anticipation
Direct Webstore
Direct Webstore
You can only do it via the Android/IOs App on a phone or tablet ... or the Windows 10 App. So you need to copy your product pics to a device with those apps. Make sure your profile has a link to your site. You can't add links to pics.
Adding products to cart is not working, when u add a product to cart it's empty. For over two days I've been having these problems. Can somebody help me? Money is being spent on ads and clients cannot make orders... this affects my business here so badly.
Hi Elena kindly help! My social rabbit just cannot work after updates and no reply from alidropship and social rabbit website "Contact Us" form!
Hello kingpin! How to write to you in private?
Click on his username and then click on start conversation for a private message.