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Hi Vic, happen to bump into a rare issue! Per screen shot (please allow uploading) - a sudden "Password protected " showing in one of a product?? not sure if I've accidentally Click any things to get this resulted? So like to see if you've came across & might hv solution for it....Thank You again


Business URL: is a professionally designed dropship store that sells a wide range of trending gadgets around beauty, home, phone, etc.

Direct Webstore
Direct Webstore
" professionally designed". Looks like a standard Alidropship theme that's barely been changed to me.
how send my WP access details for you
Direct Webstore
Direct Webstore
Click her picture, then click "Start Conversation". Give her the URL to you WP-Admin, the admin user name and password.
Hello everyone! I use PayPal, as a payment gateway for my store. Why is it, given that although the payment methods are so many, e.g. Maestro, American Express, Visa, my customers are compelled to pay via PayPal? Not everyone has a PayPal account. Please kindly respond, thanks.
Direct Webstore
Direct Webstore
If you want to ask "everyone" you really should post your question in the forum, rather than here in a profile. As for the question, the customers are only "compelled" to use Paypal if that's the only method you offer them. It's up to you to provide a gateway for credit cards. (Stripe etc). Also, customers do not need a Paypal account to pay via Paypal with their credit/debit card. Hit Google for more info.
Hi ,
You looks so cute ,Please help me .
Some product of my website show an alert when i click in Add to cart button , The message is "The Produced can't be delivered to any country Contact us for details" ,
i sent mail to support but they don't replay , So why this message is showing ? And How to solve it .
If you click this product add to cart then see the problem
hola Instagram esta fallando sale lo siguiente
Can`t upload photo: /home/thestyl1/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/0-21f0e0.jpeg.

No se como te puedo enviar mensajes en privado
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Hello Mostafa, have you figured out how to split the products using alidropship woo? I tried myself and also made order to see if it works. I found that when we make an order using the cloned product, alidropship wont be able to tell which variation it is from. That means the duplicated product does not get updated when price/stock number change. How did you get this solved? Would you mind to share?