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Many time I am in my work place and I don't have contact with my computer,
So many times i work with my phone or tablet.
This have many technical limitations expect the inconvenience of working in touch screen your dropship website :).

Some how i am able to work little bit With this way.

Now the proplem I have is the mobile chrome browser desnt's give you the availability to add the alidropship extension on it.

So I found a browser who do that: the Russia power called yandex browser :p

I was able to add the extension on yandex browser when i go to '' but is working little difference on mobile (obviously :eek: )
The issue i face is I can't find the fuctionality on mobile of the extension to add my site on it.

So I will like to ask if is possible to give it a try if somehow we can do this.

So we can add reviews and products from aliexpress working on mobile phones and tablets.

Thanks is advance....
Please guys don't attack me is just a suggestion ;)
Why not actually???:p

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So we can add reviews and products from aliexpress working on mobile phones and tablets.

Instead of requesting a solution that will take the developers weeks, maybe months of work ... just get a cheap second-hand notebook/laptop to take to work.

The only people who run their business from a phone are tradesmen and whores. lol

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Chrisschris37, please place the threads in the appropriate section of our forum. Here is the section for all the questions about the Social Rabbit plugin, not AliDropship extention, sorry.


Hello. It seems to me that it all depends on what model your phone is. Technology has gone far ahead and some smartphones perform all the functions of computers.
Find Necessary Hi-Tech Product Easy on 4Prototypes. Many are already actively using smartphones. But if the phone screen is too small for doing work and reading, then the tablet is just right. You can draw on it, make presentations, read, watch educational videos and much more.
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