Woocomerce Integrated tracking


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Can somebody please help me with automated tracking or tracking best practices with woocommerce.

I'd like to have a page on me website where people can track their order.

I'd like to be able to easily send email with updated shipping info and tracking information

reassure customers packages are on there way

how have people best set this up in the most automated way or what is the best work flow for it to save as much time as possible or the best plugins/websites to use.

Aftership / 17track

woocommerce tracking plugin / YITH tracking plugin..

All seems confusing to me

thank you


Can you set it up to send update email. What is the work flow for aftership.. or best practise
AfterShip is an automated tracking solution and API for eCommerce. Means, customer will gets tracking no via email and sms after his order have been completed. Then Aftership allow customer to check their tracking no via seller store.