US dropshippers, is it worth it?

If you don't have the time to put into it (eg. funeral last week so no time for additions or ads, i made $26 this week so far) then you won't get anything out of it. Once you have it running and your advertising rolling then you can kick back and relax for a few days. Just need to keep your eye on the product updates from the plugin sometimes it logs out and won't update.


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Where do I begin? This is something I would definitely like to give a try. I would very much appreciate some input.
I personally use the woo plugin, but if your iffy about WordPress plugins and getting your hands dirty from time to time I'd give the regular version a try. Once you make your purchase you will be given a license key to use. Simply setup the website (or use the hosting they provide for a even quicker setup (I don't)) and install the plugin and edit general site settings and your good to go.

I'd recommend a look at what google has to say about drop shipping and find your niche before you jump the gun as the software is licensed to only one site (better then the $30 for shopify + $30 for oberlo with tracking package(also per month pricing)) but once setup is easy to use if you have some common sense and can read a tutorial if needed.

Enjoy your endeavor if you have anymore questions feel free to ask =).
If your fine working on your own I'd suggest using digital ocean or aws for the hosting. I would also recommend more then the $5 plan or micro in the case of aws (free tier). You won't need much if any money to start just a bank account, payment processor account (check out stripe or PayPal) and the items you would like to sell. If you go the self route and use the woo plugin don't forget to get the chrome plugin to keep prices and stock updated.


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Dropshipping is a great idea for a side hustle that later can become your main source of income if you put in the necessary effort and money. But there are also many other possibilities for a side hustle. The constantly increasing demand for freelancers in every field has a significant impact on the market. I read an article a few days ago that provided statistics from countries worldwide showing that more people quit their jobs and choose to freelance. You have no limits regarding how much you earn, and you can decide yourself how much to charge for your services.