The walking dead store for sale


I'm selling my second store, which is about the walking dead TV series.
I have dedicated many hours adding products and customizing this store to my needs.
The setup:
It is running on woocommerce with paid theme flatsome and many other plugins.
A second wordpress to make custom landing pages to the products to promote individual products.
The domain name is short and very easy to remember. It's a five letter .com domain

Social Media:
Facebook: 261 followers
Instagram: 2162 followers

I have stopped adding content to my accounts, therefore, so the accounts didn't grow that much anymore.
I had a nice way to promote on Instagram and on facebook it was very easy to grow but time-consuming.

Why I'm selling this store:
This is my second store, and the one I put more work and time on it although after I finished I never had much time to update my social media and do SEO. It was time-consuming for me to update this and run my other store. Later I started to get into cryptocurrencies and didn't update anymore.

I made only 4 sales, made one today without any promotion at all. I think this store has potential but unfortunately I don't have the time and desire to grab it and start promoting. I don't have much traffic but still, make sales.

If you would like to see the store and other details please contact me here or email me : freedoomltr @ gmail