The Frida theme (NEW)


Ekaterina Sayapina

Reimagine your online store with a theme tailor-made for small catalogs
A show-stopping theme with a signature style built specifically for small inventory stores to put each product in the limelight

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US $67.00
*one time payment

Shine bright with tailor-made product pages

With finely crafted featured product pages, you’re about to shake the web and turn your offerings into true online sensations. Thanks to the extended customization options, you can fine-tune these pages for each item so they look exactly the way you want them.
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Frida 1 Featured product.png

Increase customer delight with menu images

Grab your chance to present product categories in a visually appealing way. Your prospective customers will see category thumbnails in your Top menu regardless of what device they’re viewing your website on. With this feature, visitors have proven to stick around longer and convert more.

Frida 2 Menu Images.png

Draw a favorable comparison

This clean and easy-on-the-eyes section is to help highlight your product features by comparing it with what your opponents offer on the market. Here’s where you can really put it in the limelight — just find the right words.

Frida 4 Comparison.png

Tap into the power of video testimonials

One thing you definitely should not do as an online store owner is to underestimate the potential gains from video content. With the Frida theme, you can strike up incomparably more trusted relations with your customers and elevate your brand to greater heights by featuring video reviews on your Homepage.

Frida 3 Video testimonials.png

Make your reviews stand out

With user-generated content playing a crucial role in product perception, you have another opportunity to generate more conversions. In product reviews, the Frida theme features a special section so your customers-to-be get a better understanding of what you have to offer.

Frida 5 Reviews.png

Make a strong first impression

Frida offers a brand new About Us page to help you introduce your team on your own terms. By sharing your values, telling a story behind your goods and showing who creates them, you get another chance to build trust and сreate a strong bond with with your customers.

Frida 6 About Us.png

US $67.00
*one time payment


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I use alidropship plugin with the wishlist add on. The wishlist icon can not be displayed in the navigation (mobile). the icon overlaps with the search icon.


  • Moible Navigation Icon Bug.PNG
    Moible Navigation Icon Bug.PNG
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New Member
Hi, thank you for the fast reply.
Please check for mobile version.


Staff member
Hi, thank you for the fast reply.
Please check for mobile version.
Please, provide all details here -