Stoked to Start Seeing Some Sales!


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Hey everyone,

Just launching my website and really stoked to begin my own dropshipping journey!

I've designed my site to be a creative content platform for me, as well as an e-commerce store.

Does anyone have experience with a mixed style site (blog + e-commerce)? I would love any feedback from the brilliant community of marketers here about the viability of this strategy.

Also, I'm a total newbie to SMM, so I have the Social Rabbit plugin installed to start generating a presence on social networks. Honestly, I'm a bit scared to begin paying for ads until things are 'put together' on my site. The fear comes from not wanting to waste my money, and I'm working to overcome it by reaching out to everyone here for support and feedback.

Thanks in advance!

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Welcome to the community!

You brought back the old styles of 2014 eCommerce websites which is definitely not the trend but to be honest, I like it. It looks good and pretty much matches the niche. Therefore, I can imagine good potential but hard start so don't give up!

I believe your not a starter in marketing. You have Google Tag and FB Pixel already installed which is great for starting but you should remove your website URL from here as might get a lot of website visits from this forum that will be testing and spying on your website which will infect your FB Pixel a lot when you'll be trying to launch campaigns, especially conversion ones. Other than that, I would advise you to plant a visitor tracking script such as Hotjar or Crazyegg so you can see your visitor's behavior and optimize your website accordingly.

As for starting, believe me, you won't be just spending money if you start with Instagram and Pinterest. However, FB isn't the best for you at the meantime. Just focus on getting traffic and then create look a like audience. But I also don't discourage you not to try Facebook. I mean you never know until you try so just go for it and try it with low budget.

Good luck!


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1. When I first visit the website, I don't know what are you selling. My opinion, not good. At first glance, I thought this is an evangelism website. But I could be wrong, am I?

2. When I click on the "Shop" page, a pop under opens as well, about cleaning my Mac whatsoever. Why you have this pop under ads installed? That is so turn off if I'm a real customers.