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I just Start kids clothing store in aug but i dont have much time to concentrate on it as i have 2 kids.
There are 80 edited products. SEO done for many products.
You will get .com domain + hosting + SSL as well.
You will not only get a proper designed business additionally you will get free add-ons that will be helpful to maximize revenue.
Bundle products
Google merchant
Social rabbit
SEO image optimizer
Countdown timer
Abandoned cart
Recent sell popups
Facebook manager
Product bundle
All these add-ons worth is more then 150£.
Website also have customers reviews that make it trust worthy.

This is a great time to invest as Halloween Black Friday and New Year is near.


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I'm also thinking of starting a business baby clothes online store. But my concern is whether I will be able to face the competition. When I see what other stores are selling, I can't help but appreciate that they are doing a great job, the quality is high, the customer service is at the best level. An excellent example for me is this online store https://miniolie.com/ where I personally shop for my twin babies. I don't know where to start and how to start.
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I can't imagine how much effort it would take to develop such a business. I wouldn't go where there's a lot of competition, or I'd think of something original to make the business focus on unusual clothes, such as handmade ones or things you can't buy elsewhere. And I agree that first, you need to do a business plan at BusinessPlanWritersUK and find an investor or take a loan. Without a business plan, it is almost impossible to move forward. And this is the document that confirms the possibility of business growth and profits.
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