[ SOLD ] Ties For Men Dropshipping Store For Sale

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Andi Pamenta

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I want to sell my Niche store ( Ties For Men ) dropship store. https://lyberties.com

Including :
* 1 Website with alidropship plugin installed
* 1 Domain a year
* 1 Hosting worth 48USD/year
* SSL Installed
* up to 200 Product imported and edited.
* Layout Customization already
* 1 Instagram Account : 1k Followers
* 1 Facebook Account : 40 Fans
* 1 Pinterest Account
* 1 Twitter account
* I will guide to setting all of the payment method and everything.
* Social Rabbit Plugin Installed

I got my first sale in 1st week with only USD 7 facebook ads a week.

Domain & Hosting been using for 2 months.

I have no time to manage the store, been busy at office work at this moment. I will share you trick and tips how I got 1st sale on this website.

Price : $220

Interested.?? reply or send me a message.

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Andi Pamenta

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The tie niche is a bit hard to advertise, no ?
Not really I think. I have spent 7$ and I got sales worth 9$ at the first week I launched the website.. I have not advertise the website for these couple of weeks yet, and I got sales from nowhere, I think it's from instagram or facebook fan page.. and conversion from 27 visitor only a day..

Peter S

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Andi, I am interested in purchasing your site. I am based in USA.
I can paypal the money to you. Let me know.
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