Social Rabbit Next event-not found.


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I am having a problem with Social Rabbit. It not posting on all social media platform. It's throwing an error "can't upload photo. Also it is displaying next event-not found. see the attach screenshot. can some help please?


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Hi, Frdmungai
There is an issue on Instagram at the moment, so SR plugin temporarily can't post on this social media.
Could you PM me your wp access details, so I will be able to check what is wrong with other social networks, connected with your website?


Hi +1 on this issue for last week or so I get: Can`t upload photo on IG, do we have an estimate on the resolution on this? IG is my main social network and this causes a drop in my sales


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Bacil, this error "Can`t upload photo: ......" on Instagram is global.
Unfortunately we can't influence on such huge platform and we can't fix it from our end. We should wait. Some time ago users faced with similar error, Instagram solved it on few days.