SMTP mailing list

Hello, I'm using alidropship original plugin. I have email hosting that allows me send SMTP emails from php. Im looking for a plugin that will allow me to send out marketing emails. Does anyone have any suggestions? Also im wondering where i can access a list of emails of customers within alidropshop. It would be nice if this was included or made available in an addon, bit in the meantime does anyone have any recommendations?


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Is there a place where i can export customer data or email list.
You must collect first the customers data yourself…

even if someone else give you their email list , is not gonna have the same results because they customers doesn’t have the same interests when they subscribe to other list.
LOL... I know this. I was asking if there was a place I could view or export my collected data. And if there was a plugin that I could use to email those on that list.