Shipping strategy

At the moment i'm confused or be have lack of knowledge about the shipping strategy

Im still contructing my website but need your people advice

1. If im only importing epacket products from aliexpress then how can i offer free shipping worldwide ? because epacket items can only be shipped to certain countries and the same item can not be shipped to for exam Asia region

2. Some of the epackets are not free. and epacket pricess are different from US to another epacket eligible countries

in this case how can you plan or target the audience.

Appreciate your input here, and im sure many of other members must be interested in this.

Is there a way or plugin out there (compatible with alidropship) which can divert my customers to specific products according to target country
But there are some visitors who dose not belongs to epacket countries and even if you try to ship the product to them either shipping is not free or shipping price is way too high

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I know. I asked similar questions myself before. I decided to go with the advice of Yarros and simply have "Free Shipping" ONLY for ALL products. Lets' face it... drop shipping does not have very high overheads. Don't make things more complicated than they have to be. Keep it simple. Less worries. Less headaches.

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But having said that ... it's just the opinion of my self and the staff at Alidropship who have many, many successful stores. "Free Shipping ONLY". That's the advice they gave me. Less complicated. Less hassles and worries. Easy.

On the other hand ... if you want to complicate things, that's up to you. Bottom line ... I don't think it's worth the hassle. You may lose the odd impatient customer here and there ... but in the long run you'll have less problems.