Reliable AliExpress suppliers needed!

Olga Stogova

Staff member
We are looking for reliable AliExpress sellers to enlarge DropshipMe database with winning products.
If you want to add your products to the flourishing dropshipping database with ever-growing audience, email us at

Who are we looking for?

You should meet the following requirements:
  • Your AliExpress store should be open for not less than a year
  • You should have over 90% of positive feedback
  • You should have trustworthy comments (fake/empty reviews mean fake rating)
  • Having ‘Top Brand’ badge is a plus
What products do we need?

Titles, descriptions and images should be edited in a certain way.

Product titles:
  • Use only English words
  • Don’t use brand names
  • Delete senseless words like “new, 2018, stylish, luxury, fashion, top quality” etc. Product title should include only relevant keywords and valuable information like style (boho, vintage, casual, sport, etc.), gender (man/woman/boy/girl) or other significant characteristics (e.g., digital).
For example, this is how you SHOULD NOT write:

2018 Vintage Elliptical Glasses New Leopard small cat eye Sunglasses For Women Lovely Sexy Design Black Fashion Sun Glasses

This is how this title should look like:

Women's Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses

Product descriptions:
  • Include the standard parameters – item type, material, size (in centimeters and inches), weight, etc.
  • Mention the features that are important when choosing a product in this niche.
  • Put sizing info into a standard table (not in a picture!).
  • No watermarks
  • No logos
  • Pictures should be either taken on the white ground or be a professional photographer shoot.
  • Don’t place any notes on the pictures. Put this info in product description.
  • Don’t place images of product package, your stock, factory, etc.
  • If the product is supplied with user guide or manual, place a picture with it.
  • All product variations should have their own images.
  • Avoid small, low-quality pictures
  • Pictures of clothing should include the item on a model, without a model, enlarged view of the fabric. Selfies are absolutely prohibited!
If you meet these requirements, please send us the links to your products on AliExpress and we will add these items to DropshipMe database.
Send here: or PM.التجارة-مراة-الاقتصاد-المغربي-36412/سوق-أبوظبي-المالي-شاشة-التداول/شركات-الشحن-البحري-في-السعودية-14438/شراء-أسهم-في-مصر/