Products with free shipping have shipping price


I was looking for products to send to the USA, sent from the USA, in the products edited by Alidropship, to import them with a single click.
The list has products with a green dot and a legend that says free shipping. When I see the detail of shipping to the United States, some have up to 2 shipping methods, a free one that takes, in some cases, up to 18 days and another payment that takes, generally, much less than a week. Free shipping has a price on some products.
How does this work?


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Olga Stogova

Staff member

In the integrated AliDropship products database, the Free shipping indicator means that the product has at least one free shipping method from at least one warehouse. So, if you filter out the products with 'Shipping from: United States', 'Shipping to: United States', and tick the 'Free shipping' box, you'll get a list of products that can be delivered from the US warehouses to the United States, but this shipping can be paid as they can have free shipping only from China. This is why we recommend to check the information in the Shipping tab of the selected product.