Pricing Markup Formula is not updating

Mr David

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Hi guys!

I've read through some old posts but not found the solution. I've just spent the best part of three days trying to fix the error with
Pricing Markup Formula

I've followed the video tutorial exactly and still my store won't update correctly. (
The prices are crazy high or way down lower than the actual cost price.

I've cleared all Chrome cookies, deactivated and re-activated the Ali plug-in, used 4 other browsers, a digital tablet and mobile phone and still the same result. It no longer works as it used to. The only thing I can think of, is that I disabled all of the 'Discount' prices as the store and set them to zero. It hasn't worked since with the auto price formulas.

I've tried cost * 1.00
cost * 1.25
cost * 1.50
cost * 2.00
cost * 2.50
cost * 2.75
cost * 3.00

for each and every formula and multiple configurations thereof. Now I'm either going to be selling at a loss or way over priced and sell nothing :(

Advice appreciated.


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San Kumar

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After latest update my pricing formula is disappeared from the plugin, can;t do any changes to the pricing, need help


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