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I see everytime the amount of profit of this car store is always increase in your website, but I never see how much money are spent in ads ...
Can someone clarified what is the real net profit of this store ?


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The net profit for December is more than $100,000. January is projected to be more.
That is what I mean!!! $453,000 - $100,000 = $353,000 lost in marketing and products cost?

So in the end of the day for you lose a lot of money you must have huge capital !

Sergei Levchuck

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$353,000 is what we choose to spend on the store, not the amount you need to run the store. It consists of the product costs and the marketing budget.

The product costs are fully covered by the customers of the store plus extra.

The marketing budget is scalable, meaning you can spend more or less on ads. It is higher in our case because we're testing marketing strategies. We could decrease the marketing budget and increase the net profit if it were the goal.


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This is eye opener!
Actually is common sense :)

In many thread of mine about premium store, I point is must be a note before you buy that " you can make this amount of money if you spend this amount on ads"

Alidropship just say you can make $6000000 a year. This is complete wrong because with the way they think I can make unlimited amount of money if I spend unlimited amount on ads as well ;)

This is never gonna happen (expect few lucky ones :) ) LOL