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Hi, I'm a fairly new user of Soc Rabbit.

Poster for Instagram

There are two variables for the Poster, that is the Image posted and the Caption Template.

Is it possible for one post to select 1 Media library, while another post to select another media library?

For example:
1. I want the poster to post a gym picture/video every 12 hours: and for this type of posts, I have a defined caption template that I want to use.
2. On another type of posts, I want the Poster to post a healthy food post every 6 hours, and for this type of posts, I have a different defined caption template to use.
3. and so on

So, effectively, the Poster can:
1. have options to define several type of posts (eg.Type 1 - Gym, Type 2 - Food, Type 3 - Motivation, Type 4 - Travel).
2. Each type of post will be tagged to Gallery 1, 2, 3, and 4, so The Poster can say caption according to what you defined for that particular type.
3. The template space needs to allow for long captions that we can recycle (currently, the default setting is {Like and share! | Like if you are Excited! Oh Yeah | Who likes it? WOW | Isn`t it awesome? | Great, huh? | Incredible! | Like and share if you think it`s fantastic! | Share if you find it terrific! | Just look, that`s outstanding! | Check it out! | Oh just take a look at this! | Like and share this pure awesomeness! | That`s just superb! | Isn't it cool? | How beautiful is that? | How pretty is that? | It's absolutely bang-on! | A real pickup for you! | That's really out of sight!}

If we have this option, we can have an evergreen defined caption that suits a particular type of post and we sound less like a bot.

What do you think?

Social Rabbit Unfollow Option

1. My understanding is that you have options to follow/unfollow other Soc Rabbit users (AND non-Social Rabbit users you follow/unfollow?). Correct? So if the other user unfollow me, Soc Rabbit will unfollow the other user too? Likewise, if the other user follow me, the plugin will automate my follow to that user?

2. What happened if I get to 1,000 followers - then I would think my Following number around 1,000 too. Are there options to reduce number of following - apart from manual unfollow which will take a long time.



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Hi, andylo9

Poster for Instagram. You can post from different albums in a random way and you can write the template caption for images from definite albums:


Social Rabbit Unfollow Option
1. We are following the user and if the user follows us in turn, everything remains in that way.
If the user follows us first, we won't follow us.
2. There is no such an option now- to unfollow all the users. But it is needed, we can add it.
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