Payment Method


Mar is AliPay like PayPal where eI can have an account of funds I can hold on the site and then use to pay for orders as they come in?
These are some notes about Alipay:
  • Most popular in – China
  • Settlement time – When the to-be-settled funds reach or exceed $5000, the total amount will be transferred to the merchant’s bank account
  • Registration requisites – “Valid Business Registration Document, ID certificates of Legal Representative, Shareholder and Primary Contact Person, Valid URL to implement Alipay. The business category must also comply with all applicable laws and meet Alipay requirements.”
  • Major customer complaint – Compared to the other popular e-wallets, creating an account in Alipay is more complicated and involves more stringent registration and verification steps and rules (you should also have a Chinese bank account to accept payments with Alipay)
Settlement time mean it can hold funds like Paypal. Although you did not ask, creating an account in Alipay is very complicated especially for foreigners.