Payment Gateway service

Benjamin Donkor

New Member
My question has to do with the alidropshipping basic plan $299.

I know It comes with 50 products, are these 50 maximum products in one niche category?

Then the payment gateway with this plan is PayPal and credit card. In my country, we don't have PayPal - we are PayPal limited which means I can't use PayPal. When it comes to the credit card payment gateway i can use it.

My question: does the credit card payment gateway come installed with the website under the basic plan or I have to apply to the payment gateway service provider and get an approval before I begin to sell?

Please help me with these answers

For the Credit Card Payments, you do need to apply directly to the credit card companies, you have only 9 companies + PayPal that you can apply because Alidropship only working with that selected companies,