Offer Smart Watch wholesales from Shenzhen China

For me, the website URL won't open. Does it only happen to me, or are you guys struggling to open it as well? Kate, can you maybe sort this problem out? I've been looking for a smartwatch for a long time now, so I would be very interested in your products. Until the issue is solved, I'd like to ask the others whether you guys have previously had a smartwatch? Which one did you go for and why? I found this fantastic website called where they help you with your choice. Still, now I'm even more confused whether I want a super expensive one like an Apple watch or something more affordable like a Huawei watch. What should I do? Looking forward to hearing from you!
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Am I the only one that can't access the link? I have a big collection of watches at home. Mostly I buy my watches on I am already tired of traditional men's watches, so it is why I am thinking of buying myself a new Apple Watch, which is considered one of the best smartwatches for an iPhone user. I want to start practicing sport, so many people recommended buying a SmartWatch because it will increase my productivity by a better analyzation of my body activity while practicing.
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