New, dropship store first few sales


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Hello i am new to dropshipping,

I have set up my website, would you be so kind to give me some feedback on it.

Thanks in advance,

Website looks great. Maybe add some more links on the top menu (payment methods, refund policy, tracking, faq).
Don't forget to put active links on the contactpage (Facebook, Instagram & E-mail).


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Great info here guys, thanks a lot! :)
I just realized my first sale, BUT i need at least 7 to break even, and yes i need more likes. :(

Pff did my first shoutout, so much traffic on my website, now but just one sale for the moment


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Getting back to your website, it looks nice. I would maybe just buy cheap fake fb page likes. Like 5k or so. Right now you have only 1 and it looks strange. Hope it make sense.
Hi men, thanks a lot for your feedback, do you have any recommendations for facebook likes? (where should i buy them?)


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4 sales so far, not that much but it is a start :)
I noticed there where a lot of people on my website after the shoutout, and many of them did go to checkout page.

When a customer adds the product he/she will be directed immediately to the checkout page. (focussed checkout)
Is this something customers fear?

Because many of them canceled from there. It was a Free + shipping action.


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Feedback on website:

Look clean and neat.
The website make it clear of what it trying to sell at first glance.
No need to guess, no need mind game.
That is good.

However, why there's two FAQ and Frequently Asked Questions links at the footer that point to the same content/page?


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Thanks for the feedback Yue!
I did another shoutout unfortunately no sales I researched the product I was certain it was a good product but still no sales. Also runned some Facebook ads PPE to find a winning product. But still no results. Some advice please!


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Congrats on your sales bro, wish i can have that too.

How much your budget on fb ads?

Also can't seem to find your store link here..